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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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breaks down barriers from wheelchair to athletes. sports life starts february 15th. this is deja vu news live from berlin the west defense crisis takes the spotlight at this year's munich security conference nato members have vowed for decades to defend vulnerable islands but has apathy in the alliance replaced comment also coming up. china's coronavirus epidemic sees yet another rise a new infections
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a death of a number of health care workers shows the risks posed those on the front lines of the epidemic. and it's valentine's day and the w.'s giving kids their say. to them in the words of those. children from around the world telling us what fills their hearts with happiness this valentine's day. i brought in thomas great to have you on this program with us today well the annual munich security conference kicks off shortly bringing together some 35 heads of state and government one of their top issues the west's role on the international stage and with concerns growing about nato's commitment to its collective defense its biggest member is putting on a show of strength. the biggest deployment of u.s.
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military might to europe in a quarter century is heading this way for nato's defender 20 exercise 20000 american soldiers and 13000 pieces of equipment should give the enemies pause and allies confidence. one more one more one way. through showed up real reliable loyal portals within the nato framework but that reinforced military framework risks being undermined by weakness on the political side increasing apathy across the alliance regarding its most fundamental value collective defense what if nato has the weapons but it doesn't have the will a recent survey by the pew research center indicates that across 16 nato countries fewer than 40 percent of respondents would want their militaries used to defend the baltic states or poland in case of an attack by russia the munich security conference has coined a new term to describe this kind of ambivalence west listening for those wistful
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about west listening this geopolitics expert shah to islam has some advice move on the west has had its wonderful moment it can still matter i think europe still matters definitely but it will have to work in coalitions and and alliances with countries outside the comfort zone so they will have to work with the indias of this word with russia with china with australia which upin and not just rely on this once very strong transatlantic alliance french president emanuel mccaughan has seized the stage to position himself as a disruptor france has a moment to lead. it can lead in rhetoric it can lead in ideas or can lead to its actions not actually know yet which way it's going to go it is a nuclear country as a state in the security council they can do therefore what no one else can. and it can do that on behalf of europe. but while the west deals with its identity crisis
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kremlin tactics are working better than ever warns retired u.s. army general ben hodges causing people to lose confidence and trust in each other in their own institutions in the alliance that's that's where this competition is. i think that we have to compete hodges praises the massive defender 20 exercises for making sure the military side is ready waiting for political cohesion to make it come back to talk about some of these issues i'm joined now by political correspondent emma shaw's good morning to you. this conference comes with nato under pressure from within and from without as well against this background is there a western leader willing and able to step up and reinvigorate the alliance with purpose and direction well doesn't someone who's willing to do that santa fe is going to be able to do is that french president a man might call his tip to be a key player in death conference so last year he had everyone up in arms when he
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called nato brenda but actually does lead to a rethinking of diplomacy and he says that's actually what he advocates he wants a new media to be strategic he had a very stern warning he say if we come thick of europe as a global power it with these appear because it will take a hard knock so he pushes for europe to become more independent from the united states and he pushes for a new career determined she says so something new he wants you have to work on sunday diary to make on isn't in a better way he wants since he wants more so to miss for europe ok in our report we heard one analyst saying the west has had its moment that it's over for the west basically is that exactly the type of messaging that russia is deploying to undermine the west to undermine its alliances it is but i also. i think it's a pragmatic to acknowledge that as much as we in the western world would like to
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believe that our common values that our a market models our culture unites us and our shared this has been challenged over the last is by the rise of nationalism by to rise of populism on the one side and on the other side all over the world there have been protests both in democratic and utterly tarion regimes protest against current politics against climate change against civilian states so the authority of the west is contested and also its institutions such as nato such as the un conference chairman of the munich security conference. is very aware of it over it and maybe we could listen to what he has to say about the collapse of the of the western world as we know it's. we have more crises on our hands more horrendous events than you can possibly imagine. and that's i think about the current failures in my opinion and
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forgivable to the international community with regard to syria especially an adlib . when i think about the resolutions of the berlin libya conference that were never acted upon it makes me sick. that is a very strong statement from both going fishing or will this conference be taking up the issue of the fighting and the refugee crisis in syria and province well especially after such a strong. statement people at the conference will simply not be able to turn a blind eye on syria a germany for example called for a save zone in syria and even in iran my call say duct failure to intervene in syria much earlier was the 1st stage of the collapse of the western bloc ok nato syria what are the other pressing issues that this conference is going to take up over the next 3 days well china will be on everyone's mind it has become
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a huge military power not least and huge diplomatic power as well not least because it is a key factor in the relationship between the u.s. and north korea another major theme of course would be chinese telecoms and the issues we always 5 g.'s expansion in the world whether or not it poses cyber security threats of course other issues would be discussed such as the iran crisis the tensions with the u.s. came to a boiling point over the last month afghanistan real so be discussed but we probably it's quite unlikely that there would be any deescalation all of those conflicts try to it would be a place to take the temperature ok very important forum for taking that temperature emma thanks very very much for coming in this morning thank you. and you will have full coverage throughout the day of the munich security conference well as we've been discussing syria's on the agenda in munich and it's also one of the stories making the news today syria monitoring group says at least 7 people have died in an
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apparent israeli missile attack there damascus syrian state television said the rockets were launched from the israeli occupied golan heights israel does not normally comment on attacks in syria. the u.s. senate has voted to require president trump to seek congressional approval before carrying out any further military action against iranian military assets senators adopted the resolution despite the republicans holding a majority president trump is likely to meet oh the legislation. state. weeds u.s. attorney general william barton said that president trump's tweets are making his job quote impossible on wednesday trump tweeted in praise of bar's handling of a case involving roger stone a former advisor to the press here is investigate. some 10000 people joined together in dresden germany to form a human chain in commemoration of the structure of the city during world war 2
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british and american incendiary bombs killed 25000 people in an air raid there 2075 years ago. all china is reporting that 6 healthcare workers have died from the corona virus a sign of the risks posed to doctors and nurses on the front lines of this epidemic the death toll now stands at nearly 1400 authorities have also announced 5000 new infections another record single day rise but they say that the spike is partly due to a new method of diagnosis counting all those who show symptoms not simply positive lab results still there's renewed concern about china's ability to contain the outbreak. the new normal in with people taking extra precautions to avoid contagion from the coronavirus chinese media show images of a massive response medical supplies being rushed to patients military medics on the move despite the spike in diagnosed cases officials are emphasizing at different
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number. starting from the 7th of february each day we've seen a big increase in cured and discharged patients like today the cured cases are already over 5000 if this trend can be maintained would see it as a very positive signal. elsewhere in asia fears are mounting vietnam has quarantined a town of 10000 people in indonesia there's been a rush to buy face masks. also in a hurry the passengers of the west in 5 countries in asia had refused to let the cruise ship dock just on fears someone on board might be affected on friday its passengers were finally allowed to disembark in cambodia. barrier you're right there there are are. a.
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bit if the virus turned this holiday cruise into an odyssey. well in case you forgot to day is valentine's day it's a day sort of side of course for people to celebrate that special someone in their lives but who says it's only for adults decided to ask children around the world what fills their hearts and minds with happiness. and look what. they see the only and where you know a couple he killed why are they mad. brutal.
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amount. of good and that it. could get a pet. and now. i am glad that they have yet to. tell their literally best quote foose. dad. they sent richard in there with a. monkey as. well before we go an aquarium in southern california celebrating the hatching of 2 rare wheaties sea dragons making them one of a handful of aquariums in the world who have achieved that only a couple of centimeters long these creatures are native to australia other cousins in the seekers lose known about the shyest you dragons which use camouflage to hide
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the wild under stress from global warming and the illegal pet market. don't forget there's more on these and other stories at our website good of you got khan that's for me brian thomas for this week for the entire team thanks for being here sue me to join you at the top of the hour our good weekend. funny. thing. about. that letter to. put every state.
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